When you walk into the studio a little early to get a glimpse of what your children are learning and you hear giggles and then see the glow and huge smiles on their faces....that says it all! Grant and Rich were amazing instructors! They were fun, energetic, and very encouraging! I wish I could have joined in all the fun and doing all that fancy footwork! Thank you for venturing out to our little town and studio in New Jersey. My girls learned so much and had a blast! This was such a great opportunity and an experience they will never forget! 🙂

We LOVED having you come to our studio last week for 10 Classes! Shout out to the faculty for doing a great job w/ choreo, teaching, correcting & inspiring my dancers. They were serious about their craft & all my kids enjoyed having them. Their combos were age/skill appropriate & they encouraged dancers on all levels. My kids AND staff learned a lot! And, I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A at the end. We'll be having them back!

I am not sure what is happening at the workshop, but Emma is coming home on cloud nine every day. I would think that she would be beat, but instead she's dancing before she falls asleep and stretching as soon as she wakes up. Thank you for offering something like this. Emma paid every single penny of tuition out of her own pocket and felt it was money well spent. For what it is worth, I just wanted to pass that onto you.

I’m really sad this weekend has come to an end. I learned so many new things from two amazing people, and I learned a lot about myself from this experience. This workshop truly changed the way I look at dance. Thank you for an amazing time!

We have never had an in studio convention and having our first one with these guys was absolutely amazing! The kids, my staff and myself all had so much fun! The laughs, the bonds everyone made with the staff, the cheering each other on was absolutely outstanding! This is my first time as a studio owner, and the love and support I received from everyone including Nick Baga, Nick Drago, and Quinton Peron was so unbelievable. I will along with my family (my studio) will never forget this weekend! We will definitely be in touch to do this again!"

5+ stars from me! I have had these guys at my studio since 2010 and they have gotten better each year! My students love the instructors and classes, and leave feeling inspired. The instructors are professional, prompt, enthusiastic and prepared for each class. They instill confidence in students while encouraging them to push themselves to the next level. I will book them every year!

You guys are awesome! It was my daughters first workshop, and she was nervous, but you guys made all that go away thank you so much for your passion for dance, and sharing it with us as well!

I want to let you know this was the best convention we have ever had. The guys were so great! When they had to leave, I felt like family was walking out the door. Their kindness and caring truly connected them to us in just two days. Their teaching was wonderful and they were so uplifting to our students...really encouraging them as a group and as individuals. I know they boosted their confidence as dancers and individual human beings. They were wonderful!

I'd just like to say that you guys were awesome and to keep doing what you're doing. It inspired me to keep dancing and try harder every time I go to class. Thanks for coming!

This is our 5th year to host at our studio. We look forward to the instructors coming every year! Not only are they talented, they are kind and are able to teach to all ages! We have loved the entire experience them! From the start, they are responsive and very easy to communicate with. They handle everything and they are so reliable and dependable. Their in studio experience is worth it. Getting away from the crowded conventions and having the individualized attention for our dancers has been instrumental in our progress over the years. We will continue to have them every year....it's a highlight!

We have booked a workshop every year for over 10 years! They leave a great impression on our students that resonates through the season. Everyone of our families always has the best time feeling inspired as dancers to continue to work hard and dance strong. The staff is encouraging and always positive while they teach great choreography! The faculty will never know how many seeds they have planted with the students, teachers, parents that will grow into wonderful things because of their work. They're wonderful and I recommend them come to your studio!

What a great experience this past weekend was for my students. The instructors created a fun, educational and inspiring weekend for all involved. The instructors were at all times attentive, friendly and professional even when being asked to take pictures over and over with the students. The students won't stop talking about it and I am getting so many emails and calls from parents thanking me for having your company here. I can't wait until we have you back again.