CLASSES OFFERED: Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet,  Tap, Turns & Leaps, Strength & Stretch, Pre-Pointe, Hip Hop.

Canadian born Tammy Laframboise, is a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, fitness model and author now residing in the Los Angeles (LA) area.  

After attending her first dance class at Nancy Pattison’s Dance World (NPDW) in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Tammy immediately fell in love with the art and was hooked! At the age of 18 she began to teach at NPDW as well as choreograph routines for the competitive team she was a member of, and it wasn’t long before she booked her first professional gig at Casino Windsor as a Showtime Lounge Dancer. After graduating from University, Tammy relocated to LA to further pursue her dance career, as well as pursue teaching positions at the city’s best childrens’ dance studios.

Tammy’s long and successful career has blessed her with the ability to feed her love of performing and choreography, as well as her passion for teaching young children. Over time, she has been able to travel the world showcasing her talents and feels privileged to have spread the joy of dance to all who have encountered her. More recently, Tammy was inspired to share that joy for dance in the form of a series of children’s books, that are, of course, about a young girl learning to dance!

As she continues to pursue new dreams, Tammy has also branched out into the world of fitness modelling, and bring’s a dancers love of form and figure to that field as well.