CLASSES OFFERED: Contemporary Fusion, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap

A creative soul from birth, Oliver has always loved to imagine and create. At the age of six, Oliver found dance. It quickly became the outlet he needed to express himself and bring his imagination to life. He loved to perform and compete, and he grew up dancing with his older brother and younger sister. Through the years, he won several national titles and began to develop and hone his own unique style with an emphasis on contemporary-fusion, contemporary, hip hop, and tap dance. 

While still in high school, Oliver began teaching dance at his home studio, Smitty’s Performing Arts Center in Omaha, Nebraska — under the direction of Tim Smith. Upon graduating high school, Oliver was accepted into and attended the elite CLI Conservatory in Southampton, Massachusetts — under the direction of Teddy Forance.

Oliver has also worked with other notable choreographers such as Rudy Abreu, Kenichi Kasamatsu, Eric Delgado, Nick Young, Mike Keefe, and Aaron Parkhurst. He assisted multiple CLI Studios classes on film, and he has appeared in several other professional films. 

During his time at CLI, Oliver also discovered his passion for choreography where he had the opportunity to choreograph several pieces throughout his time at the conservatory.

Oliver’s unique style has an incredible focus on musicality, intricate movement, and dynamics. He believes dance is the purest form of self-expression and that the beauty of dance comes from the individuality and uniqueness of each dancer.