CLASSES OFFERED: Dance Improv, Contemporary, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Musical Theatre, Turns/Leaps, Stretch Class, Yoga

Justin began his dance training in Carroll, Iowa. As a BFA grad from the University of Arizona, Justin has danced in projects for Reebok, Redkin, The Greatest Showman, La La Land, Grease Live, Vans, OPI, and Sysco. Justin can be seen on TV with Eric Andre, and in music videos with Joe Jonas, 5th Harmony, Bonnie McKee, and Will Sparks.

Recently diving into the musical theater industry, Justin performed in Sweet Charity with Reprise 2.0, Memphis at MTW, and can be still be seen in FROZEN Live at the Hyperion at Disney’s California Adventure.

Justin’s teaching philosophy is to instill the qualities that are taught in dance: hard work, dedication, determination, pushing boundaries, and to demonstrate how those qualities can be accessed in daily life to enhance one’s schooling, relationships, and future endeavors.