CLASSES OFFERED: Contemporary, Improv, Jazz, Turns & Leaps, Ballet, Lyrical

From a young age, Alaina displayed an innate talent and love for dance. Through years of dedicated training in various dance forms, she has cultivated a distinctive emotional, nuanced, and textured style. Experienced in all styles of dance, Alaina is a master storyteller through her movements. Growing up on the competition stage, Alaina traveled and learned from choreographers around the country. After high school, Alaina attended and graduated from The CLI Conservatory under the direction of Teddy Forance in Southampton, MA. There, she continued to train in all styles daily, under leading industry teachers and choreographers. On top of that, she further honed her choreography skills by creating, staging, and rehearsing pieces for her peers. She also danced in films directed by Andrew Winghart and Codie Wiggins.

Alaina currently travels the country with Revel Dance Convention assisting and teaching, as well as running rehearsals and auditions. She has worked with notable choreographers including Teddy Forance, Jamie Goodwin, Chase Haley Bowden, Jordan Clark, and Trevor Sones. She has been teaching in Omaha, Nebraska since she was 17, and continues to offer guest classes at multiple studios across Nebraska.

As Alaina continues to evolve as an artist, she remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of her craft and exploring new avenues of creative expression. Through teaching Alaina seeks to inspire, uplift, and ultimately, leave a lasting legacy in the world of dance.